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Commissions and Trades

2015 Year of Sakura deal: 15% off for Cardcaptor Sakura related commissions

Sketches: no longer offered

Line Art: $15
Line Art can be in either of my styles of lining, Ink lines (which is softer) or vector lines (which are what I used until recently and makes the piece look more like animation cells.
Ink Lines:…
Vector Lines:…

Colors: $30……

Additional Characters: $5

OC Creation Charge: $5 If you want me to draw an OC (Original Character) and you have never had it drawn before so there is no visual reference, you are effectively asking me to make up the character for you. We'll of course collaborate on how you want it to come out as it may very well be that the commission will become the foundation on which you pass the character around to other people.

Backgrounds: $5*
*determined at pricing. I splash color into the background for free but more complex things can require additional pricing. If you want an elaborate scene, price will be determined based on complexity.

4koma: $20 per 4 panels, $35 for 8
A 4koma is a style of Japanese comic similar to a standard newpaper strip, and is comprised of 4 vertical panels telling a simple story. Multiple 4koma can stretch across several pages of a book to tell a larger story but in general each set of panels is its own entity…

Comic Pages: $20 per page. Includes color and dialogue.
Comic pages are just that, comics. They are done on a lower art quality (meaning I don't offer them in hyper detailed color) and the line art is sharper and thicker but if you have a short story you wish to tell in page form, this is your venue.

Commission waiting period is, in general, a maximum of 2 weeks but I'll generally get it back to you sooner than that. Sketches are usually done within 2 to 3 days of commission being placed.


Step 1: Have an idea ;)
Step 2: Look at my page to see if there is a slot open. If there is no slot open, or if there is a "commissions closed" icon, do not note me about commissions, please.
Step 3: If there is a slot open, note me about your commission. Please be sure to include the following:
-A brief description of what you want, including characters, names, poses and backgrounds
-Provide full names and the names of the subject show/manga/book/anime/etc if commissioning fan art.
-If you are using OC's, please provide any visual references. If you don't have any, provide a good description.
-Step 4: Wait for me to message you back about the commission, where I will give you the pricing invocie. Which will look something like this:

Commission: Please draw (Some anime character) sitting on a swingset with their diaper showing as they swing. I would like flat colors.
Flat colored Character: $20
Background: $0
Total: $20

-Step 5: If you agree to the pricing, please confirm via response note
-Step 6: Received my paypal information and pay.

Once you commission, I will draw up a sketched rough draft and show it to you through deviant art stash, to make sure things like poses, expressions and appearances are as you would like them. This is your commission and this drafting step is your chance to speak up and tell me what you want, so don't be shy about saying something should be changed. Once you ok the draft, that is how it will be inked and colored.

Commission Limitations: There are a few commissions I cannot or will not fulfill, and they are:
-Anthro: I don't know how, so I can't deliver a quality product. I have drawn pokemon before but that's it.
-Fan art of my own works: I will not do fan art based on my own works (Powder and Fluff, Unwanted Care).
-Mature rated work: I know this is a fetish community, but I will not draw nudity or anything r rated.


Do you have snow? 

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When this year is done, no one will ever forget which Sakura is the best.

February is Touya Month!


*Read it all, but if you're a horrible person, there is a short summary at the bottom, you horrible person you.

Hey Everyone, it's almost the end of February and I haven't been able to do much this month. Sad, I'm sorry >.> I've just been, as always, been having it rough at work. Had a super busy, unconventional week, a weird ass Friday, then just, well stuff over the weekend. But hey, it's a new week, and we're going to do some things. There is still a Touya picture in production that I hope to have done by the 28th, which is as close as we can get to his birthday this year (he's born on the 29th) Maybe I should have held off the year of Sakura just for that...NOPE!

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: The First Quarterly Sakura Costume design contest!

Spring is right around the corner, though I know it doesn't seem like it to you Northern folks XP But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy spring before it arrives. This will be a month long contest, starting now, 2/22/15, and ending 3/22/15, and winner will be decided 3/28/15. That's 4 weeks. Here is your objective:

Design a spring themed Battle Costume for Sakura.

Sakura wears many, many costumes throughout the series, and you can see examples by simply googling "Sakura Kinomoto Battle Costumes" or click this link. animeholicph.files.wordpress.c…

This contest is for you to design one that Tomoyo herself would be proud of, and the theme for it is SPRING! Anyone is welcome to join, all skill levels are welcome and drawing quality will not be be part of the judging criteria (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try your best XP ) Making a costume with or without diapers is fine, the presence of diapers won't be a deciding factor either.

You will be judged on:
Creativity and design: Go nuts, get creative. Sakura's outfits run from flashy to functional, dig deep and bring something new and refreshing out! If you make a costume with a visible diaper, make sure to work it into the outfit somehow.
Relating to the Theme: The more you tie into the concept of spring time the better. You can do this by color (lots of bright pastels), holidays in spring (like Easter), animals (as in ones associated with spring like birds and rabbits and such)
Description: When you post your picture, go ahead and add a little blurb in the description like:
"This costume is themed after the rabbit, because of Easter. The bells on the bunny ears add extra flare"
If you don't typically color your work, you should still consider adding a description of the colors here.

Like I said, art quality is not a factor here. Everyone is welcome and you'll be judged equally. Even if you don't color your work you can still potentially win if your design is stellar ^^

The important part, what do you get if you're the winner?

-free one person commission from me
-a journal feature where I will select a few of your works to feature and maybe I'll say something nice about you or something XP
-your costume design redrawn by me
-Entry into a final pool for a year end prize (to be determined later in the year, it will likely be a bigger commission. That means you could potentially win 2 commissions from this!)

Boy that all sounds like it's awesome. You must surely want to enter now. How do you enter?

How to Enter:
1: Comment below on this journal entry to enter. It's as simple as that. There is no cut off to enter but you have to be done by Midnight PST on 3/28/15
2: Draw Sakura wearing your costume and post it, then provide a link to it in a note to me. Your name and entry will be added to the list as they come in.

:iconwaffliesinyoface: :iconinsane-doodler: :iconstrawb-ellie: :iconpaddedprincesspolly: :iconsirguyjacket: :iconcloudddpa:

:iconbokeol: Sakura Chipmunk costume by Bokeol
:iconcanudigit65:Sakura' s Spring Costume by CanUDigIt65

*TLDR version
Contest, sign up here, draw Sakura Kinomoto in a personally designed battle costume using the theme of spring time. Prizes include a commission and journal feature.
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Yos9 by TamaeFTT
For his birthday, Nakuru has given Touya a rather unconventional gift. How she gets him to "try it out" is anyone's guess, but once he relents to her pushiness and tries it on (which is really exactly the same as the male uniform, just with a skirt), Touya finds that there's been some magic worked into the fibers and suddenly it becomes much more fitting. Maybe Nakuru got tired of Touya and wanted a Touko?

Happy Touya Month. Touya was born on the 29th of February so unfortunately this is as close as we're getting this year. Next month, Eriol month!
Yos8 by TamaeFTT
Touya is known throughout Cardcaptor Sakura as working a number of odd jobs, and some of them have involved costumes. And once in school he played Cinderella in a play, because I think CLAMP likes the idea of forcing students to cross-dress for the sake of theater. Let's combine these factors of Touya to result in him taking perhaps the most questionable position he could have. Maybe they pay well?

This is also partially inspired by the work of :iconblackroseseduction: what with the maid costume and collar. It just didn't seem enough to have him in a dress handing out fliers so let's imply that this business he's advertising is for a very "unique" type of patron.


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