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Year of Sakura: Hall of Fame and Contest Page

:iconstrawb-ellie: Winner of the Spring Battle Costume Costest
:iconcloudddpa: Winnter of the April Omu Pant Design Contest
:iconlilmissierra: Winner of the April Story Writing Contest
:iconninosatori: Winner of the Tomoeda/Seijou Uniform Event
:iconblackestknight049: Winner of the Sakura Pre-School Writing Contest
:iconad-sd-chibigirl: Winner of the Second Battle Costume Design contest (Syaoran)
:iconi-dont-know-dl: Winner of the Second Battle Costume Design Contest (Sakura)

What spooky thing should I play on Saturday Night? 

51 deviants said SOMA
35 deviants said FNAF 4



More chapters for Unwanted Care please
Tue Nov 10, 2015, 9:59 PM
I agree with Entauri! You are a god, an AB/DL god! xD
Sat Aug 22, 2015, 7:30 PM
I'm flattered but I don't think I'm THAT great XP
Thu Jul 30, 2015, 9:45 PM
You are a god.
Sat Jul 18, 2015, 6:06 PM
Love your diaper art! Keep up the good work!
Mon Sep 29, 2014, 12:54 PM
The year is after Colony 195 = one of my favorite Gundam Wing quotes
Thu Dec 12, 2013, 8:05 PM
Hey wait!!!! You cannot escape. Never runaway from the Time Police you will not survive!!
Thu Nov 14, 2013, 7:01 PM
Forgot the 'is' in that last post
Thu Nov 7, 2013, 4:40 PM
This TheGreatMarcello telling you that No one can stop Mr. Domino!!!!!!!!
Thu Nov 7, 2013, 4:39 PM
Hi Tamae :)
Thu Oct 31, 2013, 9:45 PM


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When this year is done, no one will ever forget which Sakura is the best.

:iconcommissionsclosed: Stupidly Easy Pricing Guide:
Slots: :iconviper6390: :icontoddler-naruto::iconrese4ved::iconannakatan::iconbask25456::iconbask25456: :iconraykamiya::iconviper6390: :iconannakatan: :iconraykamiya:

I meant to get this done within the new year week but things happened/I got hit with sudden...let's call it depression withdrawal. Can that happen? Can you relapse on that sort of thing? Point is I felt pretty shitty all last week and I'm not just talking about all the 拉肚子。 (little joke for my Chinese readers XP Friggin google it)

I wanted to devote one giant journal feature to all the people who participated in Year of Sakura. Some of them won their own features and don't worry you guys you'll get your prizes. I'm getting back in gear now and long over due things will come. So let's get to saying thanks (And if I somehow miss you but I don't think I will, but if I do please just contact me and I will add you in)

First up I'd like to congratulate the Hall of Fame, 1st place winners of the various contests
:iconstrawb-ellie: Winner of the Spring Battle Costume Costest
:iconcloudddpa: Winnter of the April Omu Pant Design Contest
:iconlilmissierra: Winner of the April Story Writing Contest
:iconninosatori: Winner of the Tomoeda/Seijou Uniform Event
:iconblackestknight049: Winner of the Sakura Pre-School Writing Contest
:iconad-sd-chibigirl: Winner of the Second Battle Costume Design contest (Syaoran)
:iconi-dont-know-dl: Winner of the Second Battle Costume Design Contest (Sakura)

Aside from the various prizes I owe you guys, you are all eligible to win a final grand prize, the value of which I will be determining soon ^^ Thanks you all very much for your participation

Second up I would like to showcase all the artwork and stories done during the Year of Sakura, either for events, commissioned (to me or by me). I kept my eye out for all Sakura related uploads in the ABDL community last year and here they are now, and in no particular order.

:iconad-sd-chibigirl: :iconcloudddpa: :iconthe-padded-room: :iconrfswitched: :iconrobbieftt: :iconninosatori: :iconi-dont-know-dl: :iconpieceofsoap: :iconfawnyabdl: :icontheowlcan: :iconrobbieftt:

YoS 01 by AD-SD-ChibiGirlChibi Sakura by AD-SD-ChibiGirlTamaes's commission by CloudDDPAWittle Surprise by CloudDDPAThe Baby Card Saga Bad Ending by The-Padded-RoomSakura needs to go by The-Padded-RoomSakura goes to preschool by The-Padded-RoomToo Young to be Carded-ABDL by RFSwitched

Mature Content

COM - Caught By The Baby Card by RobbieFTT

Mature Content

Tamae Com [ABDL Warning] by NinoSatori

Mature Content

Daddy's little Captor by NinoSatori
Birthday Gift - TamaeFTT by I-Dont-Know-DLSakura for BlackestKnight -Live Lines!- by TheOwlcanYear of Sakura by PieceofSoap

Mature Content

Commission - Cardcaptor on Camera by fawnyabdl

Mature Content

Happy New Year by CloudDDPA
A Clow Christmas by CloudDDPA

Commissioners: :iconannakatan: :iconbask25456: :iconruby923:
Commission Micman22 by TamaeFTTCommission Bask7A by TamaeFTTCommission Bask7 by TamaeFTTCommission Bask8 by TamaeFTTCommission Bask9 by TamaeFTTCommission Bask11 by TamaeFTTCommission Ruby1 by TamaeFTT

Then of course we have all the contributions for the events

:iconbokeol: :iconcanudigit65: :iconinsane-doodler: :iconcloudddpa: :iconstrawb-ellie: :iconsirguyjacket: :iconlilmissierra: :iconshanatan2131: :iconraykamiya: :iconscarecrow-joe: :iconthe-crusader-network: :iconturtwigchampion: :iconwaffliesinyoface: :iconhira-dontell: :iconkiller-x77: :icontheunthinker: :iconsasha-buttersworth: :icondlkit: :iconblackestknight049: :iconninosatori: :icontheshortkeys: :iconrfswitched: :iconad-sd-chibigirl: :iconrobbieftt:

Battle Costume Contest: Sakura Chipmunk costume by BokeolSakura' s Spring Costume by CanUDigIt65Sakura in her Spring Costume by Insane-DoodlerSpring Season by CloudDDPACherry blossom by Strawb-EllieTamaeFTT contest entry by SirGuyJacket

OmuPants Contest: Winged Joy by CloudDDPATamaeFTT Omu Contest Entry by Scarecrow-Joe[Contest Entry] Omu pants contest by The-Crusader-NetworkContest Entry ~ Omu Pants Model by TurtwigChampionSakura in Omu Pants by Insane-DoodlerTomoyo's Giraffe Matching Outfit by CanUDigIt65

Sakura Story Contest 1: Ruby Moon Helps Out"She's getting close," Ruby Moon observed, jumping down from the treetop she had perched on to give herself a better view. She didn't need it any more, now that Sakura had transformed yet another card and was now allowing her Star Wand to change back into a key. "Do you think she'll make it, Suppi?"
Spinel Sun gave her an exasperated glare, but didn't bother telling her not to use that nickname. He'd learned long since that it wasn't worth the effort. "She still has quite a few to go. There seems to be one in particular that she's avoiding and they're starting to get weaker."
"She's doing her best," Eriol told the pair gently. "We may need to pick up the pace, however."
"Can't we just give the cards a little extra energy?" Ruby suggested to Eriol. "Maybe it would help to buy her some more time."
"I'm afraid that's a bad idea," Eriol shook his head. "Its hard to tell what kind of an effect that might have on them, or how much more difficult it would make it for Sakura to transform them.
Card Captor Sakura and her Amazing Birthday!
:icontamaeftt: Year of Sakura Writing contest
It was a beautiful spring day on the very first day of April, the sun was shining brightly in the sky, and a gentle breeze blew through the town making the temperature just right for outdoor activities. There were many people out and about in town shopping, working, running errands, or just spending time with a loved one, but one particular young girl was seated outside a smoothie shop, sipping on a large smoothie that she ordered.
The girl has short honey brown hair, but with two large bangs that goes down the sides of her face, and large emerald green eyes that were currently closed. Because the weather was perfect to wear just about anything, the girl chose to wear a striped pink and gray shirt with a net sleeveless vest sewed into it, along with a blue skirt with floral patterns stitched in at the bottom. Because she sipped on her smoothie a little too fast, she received a severe brain freeze. The young girls name is Sakura Kinomoto, an
Year of Sakura 14- Commitment“UNgh… EHHH…!” Sakura’s small, high-pitched grunts of effort seemed to be swallowed by the large empty room a she struggled and pulled. No matter how much she struggled though, her leash and harness didn’t give so much as an inch, and her wand remained firmly, dreadfully out of reach a few feet away.
At last, her body had no more to give. With nothing on her feet except ruffled white socks, and a seemingly gigantic diaper clamped around her waist spreading her legs and hampering her movements, she couldn’t exert any meaningful force against her restraints. Sakura sagged at the end of her lead for a moment, panting, cheeks red with exertion and embarrassment.
“Tee-hee-hee…” A faint giggling seemed to come from Sakura’s right. She whirled (or rather, in her current adorable but impractical outfit, turned clumsily), but saw nothing. She knew she’d heard it though. After all these months of frustration and failed magic
Ruby's Playtime Part 1Ruby’s Playtime Part 1
By: Ray Kamiya
Three figures walked into a darkened room of what looked like a Victorian era house, One figure was a high school girl, the other was a younger boy about half her height and the final figure was a small cat like figure, An oil lamp gave some light but not enough to show the Identity of the people in the room.
“So… In regards to Sakura’s next trial…” a female’s voice spoke as the small boy sat in a chair.
“Hmmm? Ruby you have an idea?” The boy asked as the girl nodded.
“Yes, and I think even you and Suppi would find this quite entertaining.” The female replied as the boy and the small cat figure looked at each other.
“Please Ruby… Do explain this plan of yours…” The Cat replied with sarcastic doubt in his tone.
The female known as Ruby smirked as she leaned in close to the smaller boy and whispered into his ear as the boy smiled and let out a small laugh.
Sakura and the MAZE card.
…Darkness... Sakura is surrounded by darkness... “What's going on” Sakura thinks to herself, looking around in wonder. Slowly, the darkness starts to fade, revealing a large, green, featureless room. The only noise that can be heard are the heels to Sakura's heels as she walks towards one of the walls. As soon as her hand touches the wall directly in front of her, a glowing circle ripples outwards from the spot she touched. The whole room starts to shake, knocking Sakura off her feet. The walls start closing in, but Sakura finds herself unable to move. “No, why is the room closing in on me?” She is now full of panic, the room boxing her in, the walls closing in, the box gets smaller, it's nearly about to crush Sakura, it reaches full tempo and then-
“AHH!” Sakura shouts as she throws herself upright in bed. She looks around her room, no walls closing in. “What was that dream about” Sakura ponders.
“A dream where you wer

Tomoeda Uniform Event: Tomoeda Uniform AR by waffliesinyofaceWinter Uniform Hira by Hira-DontellLunawolf at School by CloudDDPAToo Short For High School by RFSwitched

Mature Content

[ABDL Content] Nino dressed for school by NinoSatori
Robbie's Wrong Uniform by TamaeFTT

Sakura Preschool Story Contest: The Azure Sakura preschoolSakura awoke to a feeling she had since grew tired of, a wet diaper. She moaned it was almost as if she was getting worse, ever since the baby card had first attracted. She sat up in bed at her friend’s house, looking around her for her friend to see if she could assist in the whole diaper changing business, which sakura never seemed to get the hang of.
She got up and heard the sound of humming, a sure sign her friend was sewing something up for her. The humming abruptly stopped and Tomoyo rushed in with a new dress, “Hey sakura I’ve made you something!” she said excited, Sakura moaned, her friend was nice but sometimes it felt like she was just her doll to be dressed up.
Tomoyo looked to her friend, even though her pajamas she knew Sakura needed a change, mostly thought routine. She helped her friend down and started to change her like the past mornings, “Hey it’s school time now and I’ve been thinking...” Tomoyo said with an uncanny gle
Cardcaptor Diaper“Please can I wear panties?” Sakura begged Tomoyo, tugging at her pull-up
“Sakura, I know you don’t like them but remember this is the BABY card you’re facing.” Tomoyo said “Are you really sure you want to chance it?”
Sakura had fought the BABY card three times before. The first time she had underestimated the card badly and was sent toddling back to Tomoyo in a wet pull-up. Tomoyo had helped her repotty train and two days later Sakura had tried again. Again she had been put back in pull-ups, this time for a week. The third time had been almost two weeks ago and she was still wetting the bed. With each subsequent encounter the BABY card’s magic seemed to stick on her more and more.
Tomoyo had happily taken on the role of being Sakura’s caretaker, even documenting Sakura’s second potty training with her camera. Sakura was less than enthusiastic but even she had to admit she needed the help. She’d had enough accident
Sakura's Mistaken Identity (New Ending 10/11/15Day One
Sakura Kinimoto and Syaoran Li stood outside of Tomeoda City Orphanage, each over encumbered with large boxes of brand new toys, courtesy of the president of Daidouji Toy Store, Tomoyo’s mom.
“It’s so nice of your mom to give all these gifts to the kids at the orphanage.” Sakura said struggling underneath the weight of the box she was carrying.
“But you could at least help carry some of this stuff.” Syaoran grumbled at the black haired girl, who stood empty handed beside them, except for the video camera.
“I want to capture the look on those kids faces when our very own CardCaptor Sakura brings them boxes upon boxes of brand new toys.” Tomoyo said zooming in on Sakura’s blushing face while ignoring the boy’s comments about how he too was a cardcaptor bringing in toys.
“Sakura, is that you?” A woman’s voice asked as the door before them opened inviting the trio inside.
“Miss Mizuki?” Sakura
Fate Draws Sakura A BlankPosted in the hallway just outside the band practice room after closing hours, a list of names and roles went up for the first time. Children would surely be most excited the next day to see what parts they got and where their hard work learning their acting skills from watching old B-movies had gotten them. But that joyous moment never came, for in the dark hours of the night, a mysterious shadow passed it by with a touch and barely a pause. By the time morning came, the sheet of roles would be little more than a bold header and a series of blank lines. What a lonely play it would be this year indeed.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Sakura yelled out in protest. "Are you really telling me that nothing seems wrong with this?" Sakura stood outdoors, slightly spreading the bottom of the skirt of her uniform. She was talking to Miss Sakamoto, a classy looking young lady with long black hair and a matching black, dre
Sakura's Return to Preschool
When she woke up this morning, Sakura Kinomoto never expected to find herself in this situation. She was dressed in a pink long-sleeved preschooler’s dress, with white ankle-length frilly socks, red slip-in shoes, and most notably, a cushy disposable diaper that could not be fully hidden by the dress. She was red from cheek to cheek, hugging a Kerberos plush and looking up at a caretaker with her timid green eyes, as she sat on a cushion in the middle of a preschool surrounded by children half her age and younger. “How did I ever get here?” the 4th-grader wondered...
“I have to what?!
“You heard me!” Tomoyo said to Sakura with her typical kind smile. “Dress up like a preschooler!”
The two girls were in the back of Tomoyo’s van, surrounded by various garments for her best friend to wear during her mission to capture the Clow Cards. In the purple-haired girl’s hands were a preschooler’s dress, socks, red
Ruby's Playtime Part 2Ruby’s Playtime Part 2
By: Ray Kamiya
Sakura Struggled to escape her prison, she had been placed in a Playpen and was now wearing a short pink dress, knee high socks and a thick diaper snugly tapped between her legs that was now starting to turn yellowish on the crotch and moving down and up both the front and back as Sakura could no longer hold in her need to potty and soaked herself as tears formed in her eyes.
The giant woman that was caring for her walked out of the Kitchen and saw Sakura and saw her diaper, as she was wiping her hands in her Pink apron.
“Oh dear sweetie, you had an accident…” She said with a gentle voice as she walked over and picked Sakura up as she started to cry.
“I… I couldn’t hold it in anymore…” Sakura cried with embarrassment as she was held by the Giant woman who started to pet her head and back.
“Shhh… it’s okay, you can’t help it sweetie.” She replied gently as she held S

Second Battle Costume Design Contest:

Mature Content

Warrior and Wushi by CloudDDPA
CCS Costume Contest Entry - ABDL by waffliesinyofaceCCS Costume Contest by AD-SD-ChibiGirlLast Minute Entry for TamaeFTT's Contest by I-Dont-Know-DLContest Entry - Syaoran's Jest by TurtwigChampion

And now I'd like to give a quick shout out to :iconcloudddpa: for his over participation with 8 different pieces, as well as participating in all the art contests and contributing extra art.

Also thanks to :iconraykamiya: for conceptual participation. He provided a lot of idea, though not a lot got done. He was still pretty supportive.

There is also all the stuff I did but this journal is getting long enough and I want to spend my time honoring all you people, not me ^^ Thanks everyone for an amazing year. I know I said I was disappointed before but having it all laid out in front of me makes me feel pretty good about the whole thing actually.

And as for all those ideas that didn't get done last year...check back in June ;)

For all the things I did you can check out my gallery…
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