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Commissions and Trades

Sketches: $5

Line Art: $15
Line Art can be in either of my styles of lining, Ink lines (which is softer) or vector lines (which are what I used until recently and makes the piece look more like animation cells.
Ink Lines:…
Vector Lines:…

Colors (Flat): $20 Color will just be splashed in, no shading.…

Colors (Soft Color): $25……

Additional Characters: $5

OC Creation Charge: $5 If you want me to draw an OC (Original Character) and you have never had it drawn before so there is no visual reference, you are effectively asking me to make up the character for you. We'll of course collaborate on how you want it to come out as it may very well be that the commission will become the foundation on which you pass the character around to other people.

Backgrounds: To be determined at pricing. Generally speaking, I throw backgrounds in for free if they are just simple things like walls and doors and simple decorations. If you want an elaborate scene, price will be determined based on complexity.

Chibis (up to two):
Sketch $3
Line and Colored: $10

Additional Chibis (3+): $2 for each additional.

Comics: To be announced. Prices will based per page.

I will only take one commission at a time, in order to keep myself from being overloaded and to assure quicker turn arounds. My aim is to turn any commission around within 2 weeks of receiving it. I will not take reserves, so please don't ask.


Step 1: Have an idea ;)
Step 2: Look at my page to see if there is a slot open. If there is no slot open, or if there is a "commissions closed" icon, do not note me about commissions, please.
Step 3: If there is a slot open, note me about your commission. Please be sure to include the following:
-A brief description of what you want, including characters, names, poses and backgrounds
-Provide full names and the names of the subject show/manga/book/anime/etc if commissioning fan art.
-If you are using OC's, please provide any visual references. If you don't have any, provide a good description.
-Step 4: Wait for me to message you back about the commission, where I will give you the pricing invocie. Which will look something like this:

Commission: Please draw (Some anime character) sitting on a swingset with their diaper showing as they swing. I would like flat colors.
Flat colored Character: $20
Background: $0
Total: $20

-Step 5: If you agree to the pricing, please confirm via response note
-Step 6: Received my paypal information and pay.

Once you commission, I will draw up a sketched rough draft and show it to you through deviant art stash, to make sure things like poses, expressions and appearances are as you would like them. This is your commission and this drafting step is your chance to speak up and tell me what you want, so don't be shy about saying something should be changed. Once you ok the draft, that is how it will be inked and colored.

Commission Limitations: There are a few commissions I cannot or will not fulfill, and they are:
-Anthro: I don't know how, so I can't deliver a quality product. I have drawn pokemon before but that's it.
-Fan art of my own works: I will not do fan art based on my own works (Powder and Fluff, Unwanted Care).
-Mature rated work: I know this is a fetish community, but I will not draw nudity or anything r rated.


Halloween's a coming, what are you wearing? 

34 deviants said Nothing (I'm too old for this shit)
24 deviants said A Cosplay (leftover from a convention)
14 deviants said Something Traditional (monster, a ghost, some kind of ghoul)
6 deviants said Something that needs explanation (I'm the plight of twinkie withdrawal)
3 deviants said Something Sexy (Might as well
1 deviant said Something Topical (I'm Ebola)


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Commissions: See Commission Details Below. I do not accept points for commissions, only Paypal or agreed upon cash cards (Karma Coins, Nintendo 3ds Points, Steam cash, etc)

Trades: I am selective about trades, and as such I don't do them often. But you may ask. If there is a considerable gap in skill level between us, I will only do proportionate trades (i.e. If you don't do colors, I won't trade you a colored piece*)

Gifts: Gifts are only for friends.
-Friends will only get a gift on your birthday
-If I am feeling generous (read: have extra free time), friends may receive an additional gift around Christmas, regardless of religious affiliation.

Collabs: I am usually willing to take part in collabs.

Kiribans: One Single character colored. Set at 500k

Requests: There is now a suggestion box to submit ideas. These can effectively be considered "requests" but there is no promise that I will ever do it. Leave it in the box at the risk of being disappointed. And ignore the sounds that appear to be a shredder as you leave XP

*Unless your line art is amazing!

My Official Requests/Commissions/Gifts/Trades Tracker. Look here if you have one open.
Requests: None
Trades: None
Collabs: None
Commissions: None
Kiriban: 500,000
So with my declaration of being "back" so to speak I'm going to try and do a little commission work again to help bring a little spare cash. Like before though I'm only going to take one at a time, no reserves. My main commission time will be the weekends though so you know, if you order something on Monday you may not see it till Sunday aside from the sketch. I usually do a draft pretty quick. If you've commissioned from me you know that I don't have a set timeline for receiving your commission but I try to be under two weeks. With my schedule as it is, this makes it impossible to make promises. The little icon in the window will stay at "ask me about commissions" instead of decelerations of "open" or "closed" because while I may have a commission finished, I may not be ready to take another one and I'm too lazy to switch the icon back and forth. But if there's someone's face by the "active commission" line, that means I have one en proceso, so don't ask ^^

I'm also going to do Kiribans now. I guess that's a thing. Where is the number at right now *looks* little over 400k. So I guess my first one will be at 500k. That's a reasonable number. I don't really know what people generally do for Kiribans but I guess for now I'll set it at a free single character commission with color. Someone who's done them can tell me if that's reasonable or not.
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Halloween's a coming, what are you wearing?
34 deviants said Nothing (I'm too old for this shit)
24 deviants said A Cosplay (leftover from a convention)
14 deviants said Something Traditional (monster, a ghost, some kind of ghoul)
6 deviants said Something that needs explanation (I'm the plight of twinkie withdrawal)
3 deviants said Something Sexy (Might as well
1 deviant said Something Topical (I'm Ebola)
6th Ranger power (Part 2)
13 deviants said Solar Cell Morpher! Magical Source, Mystic Force!
8 deviants said RPM Get, Get in Gear! (Silver or Gold)
7 deviants said Samurai Morpher, Gold power!
6 deviants said Legendary Sixth Ranger Mode >.> Fucking Saban...
2 deviants said Overdrive, Accelerate! (Mercury)
Commissionkabuto8 by TamaeFTT
A birthday commission for :iconjaymanney4life: featuring his and :iconarmorkabuto: 's OCs having a birthday party and Yu-gi-oh tournament. Apparently it is a tradition in this family to throw cake rather than eat it, and Jessie is taking her turn pelting someone.

Of course you have to consider the aftermath of this, and the questions it raises, such as if it's really safe to antagonize people when you can't get out of your chair by yourself. Or whether or not the birthday girl can be sent to the corner.
6th Ranger Power!
21 deviants said DragonZord!
8 deviants said TigerZord!
6 deviants said Gold Ranger Power!
5 deviants said Quantum Power!
5 deviants said White Ranger Dino Power!
5 deviants said SPD Emergency! (Shadow/Omega/Nova)
4 deviants said Samurai Storm! Ranger Form!
3 deviants said Wild Access! (Lunar)
2 deviants said Titanium Power!
No deviants said Let's Rocket! (Silver)


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diaperedjdv Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Tam, are you waiting to finish the entire UC comic before you upload it? Just wondering.
TamaeFTT Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll be uploading pages.
DaVaktor Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
I swore I saw some of your work on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
TamaeFTT Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wouldn't be surprised. I think i popped up in their forum once.
DaVaktor Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
Yeah, one of your pictures popped up on a page.
TamaeFTT Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Personally I think the place can be funny sometimes so I'm willing to take my lumps with the rest of the internet.
Gmorris0002 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
do a comic series where a girl is transformed into a baby. however in her mind she's a full grown adult she's the size of an adult but when she looks in the mirror she's the size of a baby. so everyone treats her as such
TamaeFTT Featured By Owner Edited Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi,thanks but please

1: please don't make requests here. I have a suggestion box.

2: :iconbabymama1: is currently doing a comic of exactly that. She's doing a wonderful job of it.
Viper6390 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
This is even more insulting:…
TamaeFTT Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice ass, Jason. Seriously that shot was totally neccesary.

So glad though that he got Saban to edit the green ranger costume in post to remove that shit silver stripe.
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